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Anglické divadlo – konečně na živo

The last day of May we visited the English. Theatre. We watched the play named ONLINES. Can love and internet change our lives?english#️⃣theatre#️⃣facetoface#️⃣finally#️⃣8thand9thclass#️⃣greatactors#️⃣nextyearagain

David : „ The play was funny. The story was about love and instagram (this is our life). Sometimes we need to be offline. 95%“

Bárt :  „ I liked that. The play was about really big problem in our society. It was funny, but sometimes childish. 69%.

Ondra : „ It was nice, funny and good. But pupils from other schools were scary. My favourite actor was Pára Uhlíř. 70%“

Juča : „ It was funny. Actors were funny. 73%“

Terka : „ I liked this performance, because it was about love. 70%“

Adelka : „ The play was funny. Actors were practising very well. 80%“